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“Thank you for your service and especially for your generous discount to Tyndale St Georges Community Center. It was a pleasure doing business with you!”  –  L.T.  Montreal, Quebec

“Thank you again so much for such wonderful customer service. I will definitely keep The Sweet Basket in mind when making my next gift purchase! Thanks again!.”  –  E.L.  Tampa Florida

“Thank you so much for the follow up ! My Mum loved her basket and I am told she has already eaten most of it! I will definitely keep you in mind for any further gift giving. In fact, I’ve already added your email address to my list of contacts.”  –  S.O.  Mississauga, Ontario

“Many thanks for all your help! My Mom loves the gift basket!!!”  –  G.R.  Toronto, Ontario

“Thank you for shipping the gift basket . My daughter enjoyed the gift. It arrived on time and was well received. I hope to do more business with your company in the future!”  –  L.H.  Cortland Manor New York

“Thank you for everything! The basket was fabulous and was very well received!”  –  M.T.  St Leonard, Quebec

 “Thank you! I really liked your choices of gift baskets and I will definitely contact you again in the future!”  –  K.M.  Montreal, Qc.

“Thank you very much for the great service! You made it hassle-free for me. I’m sure I will hear from my mom soon.!  I appreciate it and I will recommend you to my friends”  –  W.P.  Etobicoke, Ontario

“Just a quick note to tell you that the gift basket got rave reviews! Great job! Please send me brochures, business cards, etc”  –  M.N.  The Senate of Canada,  Ottawa, Ontario

“Thank you very much for the lovely gift basket. I was very pleased with your service. I look forward to using your store again!”  –  C.H.  Montreal, Quebec

“Thank you so much for delivering the beautiful baskets. My family is so happy to receive the gifts.”   –  M.A. United Arab Emirates

“My husband was presently surprised when he received the balloons. It certainly made his day, considering he was swamped with work. Thank you for delivering the balloons before 11 AM. Also, thank you for your great service. Have a great weekend.”  –  T. K. Montreal, Quebec

“Thank you so much for your good service. I very much appreciate it and the balloons were great!”  –  S.S. Richmond, Virginia, USA

“Thank you very much. The basket looks lovely!”  –  S. S. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Great thank you – we just heard from the recipient and he loved it!”  –  R.T. East Saint Kilda, Australia

Thank you! Was excellent service on short notice. He loved the gift thank you for making it happen.”  –  R. L. Calgary, Alberta

Thank you… The service was fantastic. Very beautiful I was very happy very good service, very appreciative, if you need another order I know where to go… once again Many Thanks.”  –  A. M. Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Much appreciation for your kind & gentle manner in taking my order for this sad occasion. I have been contacted by the Smith family to say they’d received the basket as you had arranged in a timely fashion & the contents of the basket were fresh as you had promised.”  –  E. K. White Rock, British Columbia.

My son and his entire family loved the balloons. They thought they were fabulous. Thanks for helping to make my son’s day so special. You were a pleasure to work with.”  –  P. L. Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec.

Hello Josie, well, you did it again! Thank you for delivering my aunt’s birthday fruit gift basket to St. Mary’s Hospital today on her birthday. Auntie Audrey was extremely pleased and decided to share it with other patients so everyone celebrated her birthday.  She told me that she kept the cookies and chocolate in her room. She is used to me sending her Christmas gift baskets from your company and was incredibly surprised to receive one for her birthday…in the hospital no less. Thank you once again for making a 92 year old feisty lady so very happy!”  –  N. D. Delta, British Columbia.

Thank you, she was thrilled with the basket!”  –  A. W. Pierrefonds, Quebec.

The baskets were very nicely done, thank you again for everything!”   –  J.K. – Echelon Insurance Mississauga, Ontario

“I really appreciate your help. My husband received his gift yesterday. Thank you for your excellent customer service. Will shop with you in future again. Merry christmas.” – N. B. Toronto, Ontario

“Thank you very much for getting my order to my daughter in time for Christmas – for doing it at such short notice and for following up when there were delivery issues to sort out. She was delighted with it and I am very satisfied with your service.”  S. D. Montreal, Quebec

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